Shunya Himalayan Eco Lodge

Shunya's Himalayan Eco Lodge is our summer escape in India.

It is located in a little known Himalayan paradise within easy walking distance of the bio diverse Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Eco Lodge offers adventurous nature loving families and small groups of friends vintage summer home experiences.

Gourmet food created with home grown organic artichoke, asparagus, courgette, lettuces, wild strawberries....home baked cakes , breads and tarts made with cold ground grain grown in village home stead gardens and even wild trout caught from the river which runs through the garden.

Activities include:

World class wild brown trout fishing with spinner, lure and fly in literally hundreds of spectacularly beautiful river pools.

Luxury bathing in hot tubs and many natural swimming pools and waterfalls.

Picnicking on Zen beaches and orchards on or close to the property.

Spectacular walks with panoramic views to neighbouring villages where a shamanic himalayan lifestyle still prevails.

For more ambitious Trekkers the property also offers a luxury base camp for long plant and mushroom identification walks and wild life observation treks in a Unesco World Heritage Zone. The elusive snow leopard, blue sheep and western tragopan are amongst the animal species observable 'in our backyard'.

Mountain biking routes & more.

The Eco Lodge comes staffed up to our usual Shunya standards with resident chefs, butlers, gardeners and security.

It's simply a heavenly place to gather with special people for experiences which will stay with you for a life time.

Important Things To Note:

This year we can host at one time :

Two small families (assuming 2 adults and 2 children in each family)

Groups of up to 8 adults dorm style if the luxury suites are converted to luxury dorms with 4 beds in each.

We only rent the Eco Lodge to one group at a time for reasons of exclusivity so its also a great honeymoon and romantic holiday destination.

Getting there

You can get to the Eco Lodge by Car, or Air. For tips and best routes, get in touch. Chandigarh is the best metro from where to catch a flight or cab. (For those of you familiar with Raju's and other tourist home stays in Goshaini village, the lodge is a more exclusive luxury option only about half an hours driving beyond in a region untouched by tourists.)

Rates and Information
Rates are discretionary depending on occupancy levels and length of stay. Please get in touch with your query dates here.