INVESTMENT CONSULTANT: Helmiut Schwaighofer: Long years of being a senior Paris based executive with one of the world's best known cosmetic companies and personal experience with tropical luxury villas in other parts of the world.

DESIGN AND MARKETING CONSULTANT: Loise Z. Oona: Organisational skills and design sensibilities from Scandinavia and New York.

DIRECTOR OPERATIONS: Vivek Pednekar: Experience of Goan village life and high end heritage resort management.

CHIEF CARPENTER: Surajnath Sharma: An ability to work with a wide variety of locally available materials including waste materials and to quickly translate creative design concepts into functional art objects.

CHIEF CHEF: Shravan Dashrat Talkar: An amazing range of innovative recipes rooted in both authentic coastal Indian and contemporary global traditions.

FOUNDER: Vikram Sundarji: Compulsive wanderer and dreamer, holistic living dabbler, writer, photo-based artist and rural-employment-creation zealot.